Episode 52 - Eric Sheninger

April 25th, 2016

Eric Sheninger (http://twitter.com/e_sheninger) joins the guys to talk about moving his family from New York to Texas, how he is balancing travel and family time, and tips for all kinds of leaders to make their schools better.

The guys also announce that they will be featured speakers at the ITEC conference in October: http://www.itec-ia.org/2016-CONFERENCE
App/Website of the week: Zoom http://zoom.us
Twitter: Lance Lennon http://twitter.com/llenon
District spotlights
CBCSD: Samantha Adams http://twitter.com/adams_miss


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Episode 51 - Sean Nash

April 11th, 2016

The guys welcome Sean Nash http://twitter.com/nashworld to the show! Sean talks about knowing since 7th grade he was going to be a biology teacher, his thoughts on getting kids back outside, and growing up a Royals fan. Plus, is that Matthew McCounaghy or Brent Catlett? Hard to tell.

Website of the week: Zaption https://www.zaption.com
Twitter: Edupodcast Network http://twitter.com/edupodnet
Coming Event: Elevate EDU http://www.elevatingedu.org 
District spotlights: 
CB: Plummer's Class http://twitter.com/plummersclass
LC: Laura Nickman http://twitter.com/lbahrke
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