Episode 10 - Babies x 3 with Jeff Bradbury

March 24th, 2014

The more things change (Devin's back!), the more the stay the same (Josh's Internet fails him). Jeff Bradbury joins us to talk about his @edutriplets and http://teachercast.net

Twitter person to follow: Craig Badura http://twitter.com/mrbadura
App to check out: Stick Around http://stickaroundapp.com
Date night: Plank Seafood:  http://plankseafood.com/menu
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Episode 9 - EdCamping with Dan Callahan

March 10th, 2014

EdCamp founder, Foundation board member and twin #behbehz dad Dan Callahan joins Josh & Brent to talk about the birth of EdCamp and some great creation apps! 

Brent's person to follow on Twitter - @lauragilchrist4
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