Episode 53 - Russ Goerend

May 2nd, 2016

With the 53rd pick in the Dads in Ed draft, the guys select, Russ Goerend http://twitter.com/mrgoerend, educator from Waukee, Iowa. A HUGE steal in the 2nd round! Russ joined the show to talk about the new business-school class he's facilitating at Waukee APEX, how his love of telling stories has led him to a variety of side projects, and the origins of the upcoming Waukee Film Festival. 

App/Site: Educating Jo Vidoes http://educatingjovideos.blogspot.com/
Twitter: Robyn Gordon http://twitter.com/rgordon04
Coming Event: Building Learning Communities Conference http://novemberlearning.com/blc-education-conference-2016/
District spotlights
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Episode 52 - Eric Sheninger

April 25th, 2016

Eric Sheninger (http://twitter.com/e_sheninger) joins the guys to talk about moving his family from New York to Texas, how he is balancing travel and family time, and tips for all kinds of leaders to make their schools better.

The guys also announce that they will be featured speakers at the ITEC conference in October: http://www.itec-ia.org/2016-CONFERENCE
App/Website of the week: Zoom http://zoom.us
Twitter: Lance Lennon http://twitter.com/llenon
District spotlights
CBCSD: Samantha Adams http://twitter.com/adams_miss


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Episode 51 - Sean Nash

April 11th, 2016

The guys welcome Sean Nash http://twitter.com/nashworld to the show! Sean talks about knowing since 7th grade he was going to be a biology teacher, his thoughts on getting kids back outside, and growing up a Royals fan. Plus, is that Matthew McCounaghy or Brent Catlett? Hard to tell.

Website of the week: Zaption https://www.zaption.com
Twitter: Edupodcast Network http://twitter.com/edupodnet
Coming Event: Elevate EDU http://www.elevatingedu.org 
District spotlights: 
CB: Plummer's Class http://twitter.com/plummersclass
LC: Laura Nickman http://twitter.com/lbahrke
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Episode 50 - Darren Kuropatwa

March 28th, 2016

We've made it to 50! Darren Kuropatwa http://twitter.com/dkuropatwa joins the guys to talk about raising and educating kids, especially in digital spaces, and how we can bring that into the classroom. We also get a sneak peek into his upcoming book!

Twitter follow of the week: Kara Welty http://twitter.com/Kara_welty
Upcoming Event: Iowa 1:1 event https://iowa1to1.com/registration/
District spotlights
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Episode 49 - Eliu Paopao

March 14th, 2016

The guys welcome longtime friend Eliu Paopao to the show. Paopao talks about how a Samoan ended up in the panhandle of Nebraska and his evolution as a tech director.

Website of the week: http://webcamera.io
Twitter follow: Nate Silver http://twitter.com/natesilver538
Upcoming event: EdCamp Omaha http://twitter.com/edcampomaha
CB: Kelly Duffek http://twitter.com/kduffek
ISD: Kevin Lathrom http://twitter.com/lathrom3
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Episode 48 - Jonathan Wylie

March 1st, 2016

The adopted Iowan Jonathan Wylie https://twitter.com/jonathanwylie joins the guys to tell us how he got to Iowa and talk about what steps the team he works on is doing to make PD more integrated.

Website of the week: https://www.hstry.co
Twitter follow: Matt Serwe twitter.com/mattserweKETV
Upcoming Event: EdCamp Liberty
District Spotlights:
CB: Scott Stewart twitter.com/scottstewartdnp
LC: Jen Kerber twitter.com/jkerber1
ISD: Brad McLaughlin twitter.com/isdbrad
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Episode47 - Matt Miller

February 15th, 2016

Matt Miller (http://twitter.com/dropstepdunk) joins the guys to talk about adopting their first child, coaching basketball and sharing some great laughs. 

App: MyStory http://mystoryapp.com
Twitter: Author John Gordon http://twitter.com/johngordon11
Upcoming Event: Iowa 1:1 https://iowa1to1.com
District Spotlight:
LC: Dr. Mark Schweer http://twitter.com/lcupt
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Episode 46 - Joe Sanfelippo

February 1st, 2016

Tonight we welcome the contagious energy of Fall Creek Superintendent Joe Sanfelippo http://twitter.com/joesanfelippofc to the show. He talks about his books, his beliefs around branding your school, and how he balances being a dad to kids in his district.

Website of the week: http://slack.com for team messaging
Twitter follow: Vanessa Witherell http://twitter.com/vwitherell
Coming Event: Snow Day Chat!
District spotlight:
CB: TJHS Jacket Journalism http//twitter.com/jacketjournalism
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Episode 45 - Patrick Larkin

January 18th, 2016

Patrick Larkin http://twitter.com/patrickmlarkin joins the guys to call it Brent for his comment about the Patriots, how Burlington is using Open Education Resources to replace textbooks, and what schools should really be focusing on in this day and age.

Twitter follow: @mlbcathedrals http://twitter.com/mlbcathedrals
Upcoming event: EdCamp StL
District Spotlights:
Council Bluffs: @slapshot99 http://twitter.com/slapshot99
Lewis Central: @LCGirlsBB http://twitter.com/lcgirlsbb
Independence: @Fight4Mizzou http://twitter.com/Fight4Mizzou
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Episode 44 - The Dads Awaken

January 4th, 2016

The guys reflect on how their PLN was shaken over the past couple weeks, drop some football knowledge, and bring Chris Nesi back to discuss Dads In Ed's move to the EduPodcast Network.

Site of the week: #tvOS Flipboard Magazine https://flipboard.com/@joshallen/tvos-news-%26-info-1oe8tfagz
Twitter follow: Tisha Richmond http://twitter.com/tishrich
Upcoming Event: EdCamp Iowa edcampiowa.org
District Spotlights:
CBCSD: Dave Fringer http://twitter.com/dfringer
ISD: Jeff Williams http://twitter.com/JBMSHerd
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